Bullion traditionally stands for gold bars, silver bars, other precious metals bars or ingots. The word bullion comes from the old French word bouillon, which meant "boiling" and was the term for a mint or melting house.A bullion market is a forum through which buyers and sellers trade pure gold and silver. The bullion market is open 24 hours a day and is primarily an over-the-counter market, with most trading based in London. The bullion market has a high turnover rate and most transactions are conducted electronically or by phone. Gold and silver derive their value from their industrial and commercial uses; they can also act as a hedge against inflation.




About Us

Fortune Bullion India Pvt Ltd is managed by a board of directors comprising of experienced people in gold trade and also professionals from other relevant areas. The board is well assisted by a well-defined hierarchy comprising of some of the most experienced professionals of the gold trade.


Fortune Bullion India aims at creating a B2B platform for spot gold trading. Fortune Bullion India Pvt Ltd has a tie-up with mines and LBMA approved refineries to import gold and silver.



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